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Birch Stitch Holders


Pk 3 different sizes. 75, 120 & 170mm

Eucalan Wool Wash


Introducing the Eucalan Wool Wash, the ultimate solution for keeping your woolen garments and accessories clean and fresh! This premium laundry concentrate comes in 100ml bottles, and is available in 3 different invigorating scents: zesty...

Clover Mini Knitting Counter


A clever little tool to keep track of your completed stitches and rows. Just click the button at the top and it will count your rows from 0-99. No more pen and paper! Compact and...

TKB Silicon Cords


Introducing the groundbreaking TKB Cords, these revolutionary hollow silicone cords are set to redefine your knitting experience and eliminate wasteful practices once and for all! Versatile Knitting Companion: The Knitting Barber Cords are versatile and...

Knitpro Symfonie Wood Cable Needles (Set 3)


These cable needles are available in the popular Symfonie wood. Comes with grooves to make sure your stitches do not slip off when in use. Well tapered tips for a smooth transition between knitting needle and...

Chiaogoo Interchangeable Tool Kits


There are now two interchangeable tools kits.  The new [S] & [L] tools kit tin contains two [S] & [L] cable connectors, two [S] & [L] end stoppers, two tightening keys, two darning needles, 2 [L]...

Chiaogoo Swiv360 Silver Cable


SWIV360 are the next-generation interchangeable cables that are a new must-have in your kit. Made with the same multi-strand steel cable and nylon components as the much-loved red and blue TWIST cables but with an added...

Chiaogoo Tape Measure


Looking for a reliable and stylish tape measure? The Chiaogoo Tape Measure is here to help! With a retractable 150cm length, both centimetres and inches, it will be the perfect companion to all of your...

Chiaogoo - Stitch Markers


These fun Stitch Markers are made of resin and come in four different colors. One size per color.

Yarn Creative Sock Squishy Project Bag


The Yarn Creative Squishy Project Bag is the perfect size to keep your sock projects organized while you are on the go. It features a drawstring opening and versatile loop handle on the side.  Approximate measurement cm: 22W...

Showing 1 - 12 of 34 item(s)