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Knitpro Waves Aluminium Crochet Hooks


Single ended Waves crochet hooks are colour-coded by size. When comes upon use, nothing can be smoother and more comfortable than these. They are easy on the hand and satisfying in their performance.

Chiaogoo Twist Lace Interchangeable Tips - 5" (13cm)


These 5″ (13 cm) precisely-machined, lace tips are made of surgical stainless steel. The size is laser imprinted on each tip. [S] & [L] TWIST tips can be used with SPIN nylon cables.

Chiaogoo TWIST Red Cable


TWIST cables feature; Smooth transitions and secure connections. Red cables made of flexible, memory-free, nylon-coated, multi-strand steel.

Knitpro Zing Double Pointed Needles 20cm


Zing double pointed needles come in 2 lengths and in colour specific sizes. Clearly seen sizes are laser printed for long wear. These needles are ideal for a variety of knit-in-the-round projects. Zing double point...

Knitpro Black/Silver Cable


Made of resilient and flexible material, the cables provide a smooth join with no kinks or twists. Long threaded screw-in “join” ensures that cables and needles stay connected. Tightening hole provided in the metal join...

Knitpro Symfonie Fixed Circular 80cm


Symfonie fixed circular needles come in a full variety of lengths and sizes for all knit-in-the-round projects. They are perfect for a wide range of knitting projects, from small to large. Extremely attractive colour combination,...

Knitpro Zing Single Pointed Needle 30cm


The zing single pointed needles come in a range of colour specific sizes and 4 lengths. Clearly seen sizes are laser printed for long wear. They are the ideal choice for those who prefer straight...

Chiaogoo Bamboo Circular - 32"(80cm) Patina


These Fixed Bamboo Circulars are made of Moso bamboo which is the largest and strongest bamboo out of over 1,000 different species. Sizes US0 (2 mm) through US2.5 (3 mm) have the same type memory-free cable as the RED circulars and TWIST...

Chiaogoo Red S/S Circulars - 9"(23cm)


The Knit RED line of surgical-grade, stainless steel circulars have a smooth, satin-sheen finish and memory-free, multi-strand, steel cable coated with red nylon allowing yarn to slide right over.  The precisely machined tips are ergonomically designed...

Knitpro Symfonie Interchangeable Needle Tips *Special


Shorter tip length to be used with cable of 20cm to achieve circular needle of 40cm,

Chiaogoo - TWIST Red Lace 5" (13cm) I/C Set


All of our TWIST™ sets include 5″ (13 cm), surgical stainless steel, lace tips and three cable lengths to make 24″ (60 cm), 32″ (80 cm) and 40″ (100 cm) circulars. TWIST™ red cables are...

Chiaogoo Interchangeable Adaptors


Made of stainless steel this adapter will allow you to go from an [S] interchangeable TWIST/SPIN tip to a MINI interchangeable TWIST cable. We also have an adapter to go from an [L] interchangeable TWIST/SPIN...

Showing 1 - 12 of 27 item(s)