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Clover Circular Stitch Holder (Long)


Stitch holder with soft, pliable, cord is a convenient way to store your circular work. Keeps the shape without compromising the stitches.

Clover Cable Stitch Holder (U-Shaped)


Excellent for holding stitches in place for Aran patterns with cables and other cross stitches. Designed to hold stitches at the U-shaped area. For regular sized yarns. Contents: 1 x small, 1 x medium, 1...

Clover Circular Needle Point Protectors Small)


Point protector for Circular Knitting Needles sized (2.00mm - 5.00mm)

Knitpro Wool Needles (3 Pack)


Tapestry needles made of aluminium Blunt ends to avoid injury while sewing knitted projects Perfect for all yarn types Cable eye for easy threading

Knitpro Needle Point Protectors


Comes in two sizes (Large and Small) in attractive colors “Pink & Blue” Pliable point protectors for the ends of knitting needles Helps prevent stitches from falling Stays on, even in your bag Cone shaped...

Knitpro Magnetic Knitter's Necklace Kit_Cherry Berry


The Knitter's Necklace Pendant is made from densified laminated wood attached to a leather cord. It is embeded with magnets strrong enough to hold onto the cable needles and stitch markers. The Knitter's Necklace is...

Knitpro Clicky Row Counter


Allows you to count row, stitch and pattern counts Can be worn around the neck Click to increase the row count Allows you to track row, stitch and pattern counts Can be easily reverted back...

Knitpro Yarn Cutter


Perfect accessory for cutting yarn Small, compact size Prevents accidental injury Safer than scissors and yarn clipper Convenient to use

Knitpro Crafting Caddy - Navy


Ideal size bag - use it for carrying your knitting projects or for any other purpose. You will love the zip top closure and all the inside pockets for organizing your extras. Perfect companion for...

Chiaogoo - Stitch Markers


These fun Stitch Markers are made of resin and come in four different colors. One size per color.

Showing 13 - 23 of 23 item(s)