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Clover Amour Crochet Hook


Experience effortless crocheting with Clover Amour hooks. Featuring an intuitive design, you'll find it incredibly easy to pull the yarn through stitches while ensuring they securely stay on the hook. No more worries about stitches slipping...

Clover Jumbo Darning Needle Set


Needle size 2.50 x 70.0 mm Pack 2 needles in case.

Clover Mini Knitting Counter


A clever little tool to keep track of your completed stitches and rows. Just click the button at the top and it will count your rows from 0-99. No more pen and paper! Compact and...

Clover Darning Needle Set


Set includes blunt tipped darning needles in 3 sizes, all in a convenient carrying case with a screw on cap.

Clover Cable Stitch Holder (U-Shaped)


Excellent for holding stitches in place for Aran patterns with cables and other cross stitches. Designed to hold stitches at the U-shaped area. For regular sized yarns. Contents: 1 x small, 1 x medium, 1...

Clover Point Protectors


Silicon elasticity and holding power.

Clover Knitting Gauge


Quick and easy needle measuring gauge with a handy ruler for swatches.

Clover Circular Needle Point Protectors Small)


Point protector for Circular Knitting Needles sized (2.00mm - 5.00mm)

Clover Yarn Guide


This clever accessory fits comfortably on your finger to help guide multiple strands of yarn while knitting or crocheting. Perfect for use when knitting fair isle or stranded knitting designs. Made of soft, durable plastic....

Clover Pom Pom Maker (2 pack)


Beautiful Pom-Poms Made Easy! - Open two U-shaped arches together. Wrap a yarn around the arches.- Follow the same steps with the other side arches. Close the arches. Cut the yarn with a sharp pair...

Showing 1 - 12 of 15 item(s)